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Gathr© - Evidence Capture

What is Gathr©?

Gathr© is a cutting edge evidence gathering tool. It allows users to remotely collect evidence using their smartphone or tablet.

This evidence is then uploaded directly to a Moodle learning management system and used as part of the training process.

What does Gathr© do?

Gathr© allows the collection of multiple evidence types, photos, videos or voice recordings from smartphones and tablets. We’re also adding Microsoft Word documents, PDFs and screen shots. The sky’s the limit for what can be included

Gathr© works on an event-action sequence. You define when you want evidence captured (the event) and then what you want to happen with that evidence (the action).

Who would want Gathr©?

Any organization that needs trainees to show the actions they’ve taken. Designed for the education and training industry, to support the workplace capture of evidence to demonstrate competence, it allows trainees to prove competency as it naturally occurs.

Providing in-depth reporting to satisfy contractual, governance, board or legislation requirements, the possibilities are limitless. It can be used to develop an evidence portfolio that trainees can then access from other branches

How does Gathr© work?

You define the evidence that you need captured and the events under which it will be captured. You then decide the actions you need to be undertaken with that evidence.

Gathr© then does the rest. The evidence you require ends up in your learning management system and can be assessed to determine a trainee’s competency

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